• Agnes

    All natural products great tea and good vibes!

  • Bailey

    I am so in love with these blends! I don’t have alot of “me time” these days. The detox blend keeps me on track to my fitness goals, and the wakey wakey gives me the energy to take on whatever life throws at me, even if I’ve been up all night with my baby. Simple and easy results

  • Haylee D

    “Slim much is my FAVORITE tea! I drink it daily. If I want a pick me up- Wakey Wakey – and when I want a detox – Nighty Night, and it tastes amazing too”

  • Tasha H

    Adorable packaging and even better tea!

  • Brittney R

    I’m usually skeptical on any kinds of tea and I’m not huge on caffeine of any kind. I drank both teas in the morning and I felt more refreshed just like a person who drinks coffee would feel. I drank them both cold because of how hot it is now and it was still had amazing taste!”

  • Jordan T

    I started dieting about 4 months ago with a fair amount of success! However, waking up with the insane hunger was the worst part, until I started using Slim Much. I got Nighty Night to help me sleep (which it works WONDERS) and it actually takes away those hunger pains that I usually feel so strongly. Dieting has become easy and enjoyable, and I sleep better than ever.

  • Bertha T

    I started taking all three teas as a “test” for Slim Much, and I have honestly never felt so clear and relaxed! The Trifecta is a staple in my daily life.

  • Adele E

    I love my Nighty Night tea! I’m religious about my tub time and it’s the perfect match. Sooo soothing and calming I drink it every night 🙂



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