What is SlimMuch?

SlimMuch is a healthy lifestyle brand that believes in helping others while on the path to becoming the best version of yourself. SlimMuch products are delicious, natural, and an effective way to help boost your metabolism, fight bloating, release toxins, and lose weight! We use only the best ingredients, and combine all-natural superfoods that work together to help you get your best results.

Not only do we help you become the best you can be, but we also love to help others that are in need too. Please check out our awaremuch program and learn about the power of what we call “Purpose Driving Purchasing” .

How do SlimMuch teas work?

Wakey Wakey is our expertly designed combination of ingredients that help get you up, get your metabolism going, and give you the energy you need to get you through your day!

Nighty Night is our amazing, detoxifying, and soothing night time tea. Its specialized ingredients help calm you for bed, and continue to diminish that bloat all while you sleep.

Slim and Trim is our detox blend that is formulated with a blend of superfood teas, herbs, antioxidants, and berries designed to slim your body, kickstart your metabolism, and release your toxins.

Is SlimMuch All Natural?

You know it! We have worked closely with our ingredients team to make sure that what we use is the best and highest quality all natural ingredients for your body!

Does SlimMuch have caffeine?

Yes, our Wakey Wakey and Slim and Trim teas do contain natural caffeine due to some of the ingredients. The caffeine in one cup of tea is roughly equal to the caffeine in your regular cup of jo! But don’t fret, our Nighty Night does not contain anything that will keep you up all night.

How do I make the teas?

You can make the teas hot OR cold. Take the tea bag and place it in 8 oz of hot water for 3-5 minutes, then either drink it, or place it in the fridge to cool. We do recommend using some of our delicious recipes to spice things up and make them even more tasty!

How often should I use the teas?

That depends on your body and how you feel! We recommend our Wakey Wakey tea all the time, It helps you stay energized, and keeps you staying alert all day everyday. As for our Nighty Night and Slim and Trim, we recommend you use it according to your needs, in preparation for a big day, when you’ve “gone off the wagon”, or whenever you feel like you need a little extra help in the weightloss department. We do recommend taking a break in between total detoxes though.

Are there any laxative in SlimMuch?

Ok let’s debunk this myth right here. Natural laxatives effects aren’t bad, it is one way our body gets rid of toxins! In our Nighty Night tea we do use an all natural ingredient called ‘Senna leaf’ – and for some people this does cause a slight laxative effect while it eliminates toxins. Every tummy reacts differently, this is why we recommend using the Nighty Night at your own pace at first.

How old do I have to be?

If you are under 18 please request parental permission to use our Detox teas

Will SlimMuch affect my contraceptive pill?

Sorry, but we can’t comment on how our products affect contraceptives. It’s best to take a copy of our ingredients and discuss with your doctor about whether SlimMuch is suitable for you.

Can I take SlimMuch if im conceiving, pregnant, or breastfeeding?

Again, Sorry we can’t comment on taking our products while conceiving, pregnant, or breastfeeding. It’s best to take a copy of our ingredients and discuss with your doctor about whether its suitable for you.

Will the benefits of SlimMuch reverse as soon as I stop?

Nope! At least it shouldn’t happen if you are continuing with your healthy lifestyle! SlimMuch contains all natural herbs that help KICKSTART a healthy lifestyle, and staying with it is up to you! With regular exercise and a balanced diet, you should be able to maintain your weight and stay healthy!

What should I do while taking SlimMuch?

You do you! We always recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising though. SlimMuch is here to help boost you on your lifestyle change!