Authenticity is crucial to our mission! It is our goal to deliver quality products that we genuinely care about, while remaining true to ourselves and each other.



Our mission requires a positive outlook and a strong belief in the good of the world. We believe that positivity is the answer to every situation!



Life is FUN! At Slim Much, it is our goal to create a fun and friendly environment for everyone. We believe that having fun is the key to staying happy and productive!



We believe in a purpose driven life! Proceeds from every item sold go directly to a cause or charity of your choice. We have selected a list of important causes to us for you to choose from.



We are confident in our mission. And our mission is to help women regain their confidence! Feeling proud of who you are is a wonderful feeling. Own it, Babe!



Slim Much cares! If we can be be a light to the women of this world, then our purpose is fulfilled. We want to promote caring, loving, and helping one another!

Here at Slim Much, we believe that when you give your body the nourishment and nurture it deserves, you will become the very best version of yourself. Health and happiness start from within, which is why we are constantly striving to create quality, clean products that will have a positive impact on your lifestyle and general wellbeing. Everything we develop is carefully formulated from the finest natural ingredients, and each product is specifically tailored to help you reach your individual goals.

But by shopping with Slim Much, you’re not just making a difference in your own life, you’re making a difference in others too. At the checkout, you’ll be able to choose from a range of charities to donate to on your behalf, helping both your mind, body and conscious feel fantastic.

Between giving you the very best tools to kickstart your health journey, providing a supportive community and raising awareness of worthy causes, Slim Much strives to help you look good, feel good and do good.